Save Me

Danger brought them together. Safety tore them apart. Can one act of recklessness reunite them forever?


Against protocol and my best intentions, I fell in love with the key witness I was assigned to protect. I know. Rookie move, Jamie.

I guess I’m just a soft touch for beautiful, scared men who hide behind prickly sass and razor-sharp snark. With a little kindness and a lot of patience, I got to know the generous, caring man underneath all those barbs.

But it took everything I had to keep things professional.

In the end, none of that mattered, because I still had to let him go — and it would have been infinitely worse if he knew how I felt.Not that things are much better now, because a year later, with no hope of ever seeing him again, I still can’t forget him.


Testifying against your best friend’s father for conducting illegal drug trials is one thing. Falling for the handsome deputy marshal assigned to protect you? Utter humiliation.

I was a walking cliche, all heart eyes and swooning. As if a decent, honorable man like Jamie MacDougall would have been interested in someone as damaged as me.

Thankfully, before I could mortify myself further by telling him how I feel, the trial ended, and I entered the WITSEC program with a new identity and a new life — far away from the sexy deputy marshal who still holds my heart.

But justice has some nasty side effects, and now, 12 months later, guilt and loyalty are forcing me back to the last place I should be — Seattle.

And with my past hot on my heels, there’s only one person I trust to keep me safe…

Save Me is a 60,000 word Forced-Proximity, Second-Chance Romance with a bit of snark, a dash of sweet, and a lot of spice. There is no cheating, and a guaranteed Happily Ever After

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