A bit of backstory on Save Me and what I’m calling my Love in the Pacific Northwest Series

So, yes, some of you may recognize parts of Save Me.  I knew when I originally wrote it that the story had so much potential, but I never thought I was good enough at writing to turn it into a bigger story.  So it sat for years until I practiced writing enough, and read enough other stories to know I was ready.  But Save Me is only the first in what, hopefully, will become a six-book series of overlapping characters.  Each book will take place in the Seattle area, will have characters from prior books, and introduce new characters that will appear in future books, but they will all be independent stories that can be read as stand-alones.  I have a daytime job, and I’m a medium-speed writer, so it won’t take forever to get these books written, but they won’t all come out one right after the other.  But I promise they will come!  😉