Now that things have settled down a bit…

I’ve started Embrace Me, book 2 in the Love in the Pacific Northwest series! I’m on chapter 2, and it’s been a bit difficult to find the time to write, but I’m trying to carve out chunks of time to make words happen. I’m really enjoying writing Quinn and though Tadhg (Pronounced like tiger but without the “r”) hasn’t had a huge part yet, his turn is coming. I have written a lot of Quinn’s best friend, Jules, and you know that one character that just steals your heart when you least expect it? Yup. Jules. I can’t WAIT to write his story! He’s just the sweetest! But that’s for another post. For now, I’m concentrating on Quinn and Tadhg and getting them to their HEA, because you know with my stories you will always have that! If you want to hear more about Embrace Me, have access to snippets and deleted scenes, and be the first to see the new cover then join my Facebook group Beck’s Blanket Fort, and sign up for my monthly newsletter! Both links are on my homepage here. If you want to talk about Save Me, Embrace Me, the Love in the Pacific Northwest series, or just chat, come find me on Discord!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

So I launched Save Me into the world, and to say it’s been a surreal experience would be an understatement. Thank you to all who have read the book and left me a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or BookBub! Reviews and word of mouth are two key ways readers find indie authors, and every review helps! My book will be on KU until the end of November, and then it will be part of Amazon but not exclusive to them.

I’ve started working on Embrace Me, and I’m already loving Quinn and Tadhg so much! I hope you’ll love them as much as I do! I’m also falling helplessly in love with Quinn’s best friend Jules and can’t wait to write his book now! It’s the curse of the writer, wanting to write all the books at once.

Sending you all loads of love!

It’s getting close!

I’m not that far away from releasing Save Me into the wild and hopefully watching it grow! When I started this journey I did know that there was more to getting a book in the hands of readers then just writing it, but I honestly had no idea just how much! Websites, and social media accounts, and deciding where to sell and how much to charge, slogging through book cover options until they’re all a blur… It’s an undertaking! But I’m so glad that I did it! I have amazing friends who helped me all along this journey, and guys, seriously, I couldn’t have done this without you. So, fingers crossed that in a few weeks I will be able to share this story with all of you. Until then, be well!

A bit of backstory on Save Me and what I’m calling my Love in the Pacific Northwest Series

So, yes, some of you may recognize parts of Save Me.  I knew when I originally wrote it that the story had so much potential, but I never thought I was good enough at writing to turn it into a bigger story.  So it sat for years until I practiced writing enough, and read enough other stories to know I was ready.  But Save Me is only the first in what, hopefully, will become a six-book series of overlapping characters.  Each book will take place in the Seattle area, will have characters from prior books, and introduce new characters that will appear in future books, but they will all be independent stories that can be read as stand-alones.  I have a daytime job, and I’m a medium-speed writer, so it won’t take forever to get these books written, but they won’t all come out one right after the other.  But I promise they will come!  😉

Things I love…

Well, I love writing, but besides that? Cake. Yes, cake is my kryptonite. BUT, besides cake? I love dry red wines (especially Spanish reds), high end tequila, and D&D. I’m currently in a campaign where I play a level 10 human barbarian. I know for some of you this is snoozeville, but let me explain how this dovetails with writing. See, with the start of every new campaign, or if, gods forbid, your character dies and can’t be revived, you need to create a character. It can be almost anything! They can have massive amounts of power, be elven royalty, or a goblin peasant. They can be any or no gender. They can have disabilities, or not. Did you all know that there’s an entire group of devoted D&D players who are actively working to make D&D accessible to anyone who wants to play, regardless of disability? There are full sets of dice with braille numbers on each side, and disability mechanics and content for players of all kinds to have representation in TTRPG. In fact, you can find out more about that and the wonderful organization (to which I have no affiliation) at

I mention all of this, why? Because each new character is an opportunity to creatively write who they are, what their backstory is, flesh them out as an individual character, and then through roleplay, bring them to life and continue to help the character grow! It’s fascinating, and wonderful, and collaborative, and so much darn fun!

How the heck did I get here??!!

Like many of my fellow writers, I didn’t start out planning to write a book. In fact, I didn’t even think I could write a story! (Thank you to that jerk 11th grade Creative Writing teacher who told me my stories weren’t plausible). Anyway… fast forward mumblemumble number of years, and I found myself immersed in reading video game fan fiction. Some of it was so good I couldn’t believe it was free! Some of it wasn’t as great, but I still enjoyed reading the stories. And then I started to hear the characters in my head telling me their stories. It got to the point where I had to get it out on paper just to make the characters stop talking at me! And behold! I had written my first fan fiction! And people liked it! And commented! And encouraged me to keep going! So, six years later, here I am with a fully written, edited, and published book, and I never would have thought that possible all those years ago. So, basically, I suppose there are a few things I’m trying to say here. 1. Don’t give up! You can reach your goals, even if it happens decades later than you thought. 2. Comments/Reviews are an author’s life-blood. It’s what keeps us going. It’s what makes the blood, sweat, and tears of writing worth it. Please be kind and “like” and comment on/review the books and fan fiction you read! 3. If you’ve made it this far in my ramblings, know that I appreciate you beyond measure and I’m so very glad you stumbled on my writing and liked it enough to come find me here! Welcome!